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Hiking the North Fork of Long Island

Hiking is plentiful for Shorecrest Inn guests as the North Fork has many hiking trails to offer.  Located just a short distance from Greenport Village, the Shorecrest Inn is conveniently located to over 11 preserves and parks which offer hiking.  Be sure to pack your camera and binoculars as one never knows which wildlife will be encountered along the way.   Trails are in abundance and the hardest decision will be which trail to hike?

Some of our favorite trails include:

 Mill Road Preserve covers 25 acres and trails wind through 8 acres of grasslands and shrub lands and then into 17 acres of mature woodlands. 

Goldsmith Inlet Park has 35 acres and there is a ½ mile trail which leads to Long Island Sound.  Hikers experience mature woodlands, tidal wetlands, Goldsmith Inlet Pond, and 1500 feet along the Long Island Sound.  This hike is also wonderful for bird watching.

Laurel Lake Preserve has 495 acres of preserved land and the nature trail is 2.1 miles long.  The hike wanders through a variety of terrain and includes woodlands, grasslands, vernal ponds, fresh water swamps and overlooks the beauty of Laurel Lake.

This is only a sampling of the trails which are available on the North Fork.  We encourage you to join the Shorecrest Inn and experience the variety of hiking trails which are available!

Orient Beach State Park on Long Island

While enjoying your stay at Shorecrest Bed & Breakfast, make sure to take the time to enjoy Orient Beach State Park.  Orient Beach State Park is located at the eastern end of the North Fork on Long Island. Orient Beach has 45,000 feet of frontage on Gardiner’s Bay and forms the protective arm of Orient Harbor. The park is open year round and there is also a small bathhouse. The beach has beautiful scenery and if you walk to the end, you will enjoy wonderful views of Shelter Island and Long Beach lighthouse. Apparently not many people know about the Park as it never seems to be crowded, which makes this a great getaway.

Orient Beach State Park offers more than just swimming. Visitors can wonder trails throughout the thick forest or stroll along one of the many marshes. Along the way you will enjoy the beauty of red cedar, black-jack oaks trees, and prickly-pear cactus. Be sure to keep your eyes open as the area is home to wildlife such as terns and osprey, which are plentiful in the marshes. Or if you prefer a little more adventure, why not rent a bicycle or kayak?

This is a wonderful Park and a great way to enjoy the day at the beach.