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Sailing on Long Island Sound

July 27th, 2009 by Marilyn Marks

Enjoying a sunset sail on Long Island Sound is a must while visiting the Shorecrest Bed & Breakfast on the North Fork.  As the day ends and the sun sets, nothing is as romantic as a sunset sail.   For two hours sit back and enjoy the natural beauty of Long Island Sound.  The light is soft, the mood is romantic, and the relaxing sound of the water as it laps against the hug is magical.  Sail away into the sunset as another Summer day ends on Long Island.

In addition to a sunset sail, maybe you have always thought of learning to sail?  A variety of classes are available including a half day class to learn the basis of sailing, held on Saturdays from 8:45 until noon.  Whether you are planning to purchase a boat, envy others that already know how to sail, or want to know the basics in case of an emergency, a sailing class could be just what is needed.   The skills and expertise of the captain will guide you along the way.    

Most sunset sails are scheduled for Saturday or Sunday at 6 P.M. and costs $50 per person, with a maximum of 6 people.  However, the Captain is flexible and will accommodate your needs whenever possible.  If you are considering joining Sail Long Island to learn to sail, it is suggested to call 917-912-6342 for additional information.  Schedules are flexible and pricing varies for learn to sail programs.     

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