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Million Moderate March – Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear – in Washington DC today

October 31st, 2010 by Marilyn Marks

Marilyn here, posting ‘live’ from Washington DC. It’s election time! I know it can get tedious seeing as no sooner has one ended than candidates seem to start campaigning for the next, but I do so believe in the process and that everyone should vote to keep our democracy healthy.

I  also think that maintaining a sense of humor and showing respect to the beliefs of others is an important part of the democratic process.

So as a bit of light relief from the Get Out The Vote effort I’ve been working on locally, and following a long busy summer I decided to take a break from the BnB and wine making this weekend, and my son Tom and I took a drive to Washington DC for the rally today. It took us twelve hours to get here from New York, partly because we aren’t very good with the GPS on the i-phone, but also traffic was really heavy. We noticed that the service stations we stopped at on the Jersey Turnpike were unusually busy and sure enough the crowd today was huge; much too big for all of them to fit on the Mall.

Our Metro trip from Crystal City to the Smithsonian took almost two hours, a journey that should have been no more than twenty minutes.

Despite the crush, and maybe because of the gratifyingly large turnout, everyone seemed in a really good mood, which reflected the spirit of the event. There were some great costumes too but the most creative and entertaining part of the whole thing was the thousands of signs people had brought. Signs supporting Moderation; signs for fun; signs for FEAR (usually tongue in cheek) and signs that were just – signs. Here are a few of them!

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