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Shorecrest Bed and Breakfast Re-opening Safely ~ COVID practices

August 27th, 2020 by Abigail Field

Shorecrest Bed and Breakfast reopens September 3rd, 2020, offering you elegant comfort and a sane escape from life’s challenges. Our gardens and private beaches are an even more valuable respite these days.

The North Fork itself is COVID-19 ready, with beautiful beaches and parks, many outdoor dining and wine tasting venues, and farmstands and u-pick galore. The North Fork case count is steady and low, as Newsday reports. The only question visitors here face is: Where should I stay?

We have made changes to both the physical structure of Shorecrest and our management practices to protect both our guests and our staff. Review them to understand the depth of our commitment to you, explore our gorgeous rooms, and then book your stay.

We will be serving breakfast at separate tables in the bright and breezy East porch and outside on the deck when weather permits.

Physical Changes

To make Shorecrest itself more COVID-safe, we:

  • Removed all wall to wall carpet and refinished and polished our wood floors. These beautiful hard surfaces are now easy to clean and disinfect. While Shorecrest’s vintage pine planking particularly shines on the second floor–we are an historic house after all–the classic wood throughout is warm.
  • Installed state of the art UV light filters to constantly clean the air circulating throughout both our heating and cooling systems.
  • Expanded access to ground floor rooms to include the East Porch and outside deck during breakfast, allowing for greater social distancing for guests.
  • Offer the ground floor Rose Suite with private entrance for guests who feel particularly vulnerable. This suite is also recommended for groups of 4 or more traveling together to reserve as one of their room choices as they can gather there together in private.
Covid safe group space

Open the pocket door and the Rose Room bedroom connects to library, when reserved as part of the Rose Suite

Covid-safe group space

Library and porch now available to reserve as part of Rose Room Suite with separate entrance for extra privacy

Management Changes

Management changes include:

  • Contactless check in and check out.
  • Sanitizing bedrooms with special disinfecting lights, in addition to COVID-approved regular cleaning practices, to thoroughly disinfect after each guest leaves. However, while guests are in residence, we will not change linens or clean rooms or bathrooms. This change reduces the risks to our staff. We will provide clean linens and towels on request as well as sanitizing wipes.
  • Serving our signature breakfasts in portable ‘Bento’ boxes, rather than as a buffet feast. This way you can have your own scrumptious feast in a beautiful socially distant spot rather than in our traditional dining room. To facilitate this special experience, reservations are required for breakfast seating and time, to be agreed in advance.
  • Offering limited space for gathering in the public rooms based on NY State and CDC COVID 19 directives
  • Requiring masks at all times except when seated at breakfast
Covid-safe breakfast delivery

Breakfast will be delivered in a stacked thermal Bento Box to your pre selected private table, indoors or out

covid safe breakfast delivered

Your safety, and our staff’s safety, are incredibly important to us, as should be clear from these changes. We look forward to welcoming you and giving you a comfortable base from which to enjoy our glorious home community, the North Fork of Long Island. Book your stay.

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