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Early Summer Garden at Shorecrest

July 15th, 2021 by Mark Macnish

Come and enjoy the early summer gardens at Shorecrest. One of the most distinctive elements of Shorecrest  Bed and Breakfast is our profuse and prodigious gardens. Whether you are taking a stroll down one of several garden paths, reading a book in the shade of a birch or taking breakfast on the lawn amongst the lilies, our gardens are one of our most commented-upon feature.

And the as if the colors follow the cues of the weather, the cool pastels of the spring give way to the hot vibrant colors of the early summer. This coleus is like a firecracker, especially compared to the dulcet tones of Dusty Miller

Russian Sage and Ornamental Milk weed welcome visitors down Ruch lane

Asiatic lilies crossed with orientals stand tall and lemon yellow in the summer garden.

A bevvy or baby bunnies provide entertaining interludes

Feverfew self-sows and seems to almost know where it’s going to create the best effect.

The magenta flares of Lithrum juts up like a roman candle.

Like sunny bright lemon drops coreopsis lights the way down the garden path.

Brilliant gold trumpets of Daylilies contrast nicely with the dark purple and Burgundy shades of the Amaranth.

The large white pompoms of Hydrangea “Annabelle” are always the first Hydrangea of the season to bloom.

Nothing says “English Country Garden” like a Hollyhock leaning over the fence.

The early summer garden delights many senses. It’s hard to look at this picture of lavender without evoking the olfactory memories of it’s heady scent.

And when the hot colors and warm weather starts to get to you, just glance over at this atoll of ostrich ferns to cool down.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your tour through our gardens, but of course there’s nothing like seeing it in person. By the time we’ve posted this the color pallet has already begun to shift creating new color sensations and combinations that will delight your senses.





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