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Pick your own for a North Fork experience

July 1st, 2021 by Mark Macnish

Stay at Shorecrest and visit the local farms and pick your own fruits for the consummate North Fork experience. Wickham Fruit Farm, which is a 13-minute drive from Shorecrest offers pick your own Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, apples, pumpkins and now cherries! Experience the fun of picking your own fruits.

Tom Wickham, owner of the historic Wickham’s fruit stand has now made it possible to pick your own cherries by planting a dwarf variety of cherry trees that has made picking cherries accessible to the average person without the use of special equipment. By the end of June, people that come to the farm to pick their own will be able to hand-pick cherries from these trees. The season is short: It will be over before the end of July.

But the good news is, once the cherry-picking season is over the season begins for other types of fruit you can pick. Check out their website, for a schedule of when you can pick these fruits and when the stand as open as well as other fresh fruits, vegetables and goods they offer for sale. You can even book a field trip! Directions and contact information are on the website as well or go to our interactive map. Our map will show you all of the farm stands on the North Fork, many of which offer a pick your own experience. Click around and see what you can find.

And when you stay at Shorecrest you will be treated to fresh locally sourced fruit (when in season) at our breakfast table. Sometimes they are features in delicious baked goods, and sometimes part of our mouth watering recipes. But many times they are available to eat as you find them. Our breakfasts are served safely in our Bento boxes, outdoors in our garden on indoors, depending on the weather.

While staying at Shorecrest, visit the local farms and pick your own fruits, for the consummate North Fork experience.


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