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Breakfast, an event to be savored and enjoyed at Shorecrest Bed and Breakfast, is served in the formal 1860’s dining room on vintage china illuminated by our period chandelier and candlelight. Before breakfast we set out fresh ground coffee and a variety of teas, chocolate and cider with fresh baked muffins or quick breads in the living room. In the winter this is a cozy place to gather by the fire and read the paper or maybe watch the morning news on the library tv. In warmer months guests like to take their coffee into the porch or garden.

Breakfast proper usually starts at 9am and we always offer several courses and a variety of choices including fresh fruit, english muffins, a selection of breads for toasting, a cooked savory and sweet dish and fresh juice. Some of our most popular dishes include a Baked Apple French Toast with caramelized apples, Stuffed Dutch Pancakes (we use a variety of fillings but chocolate banana is a favorite), Frittata with fresh tomatoes, Basil and Italian cheeses and Sausage and Apple Braid, (a delicious concoction of herbs, fruit and spices served in a golden coat of puffed pastry) to name just a few.

Breakfast at the Shorecrest has been described by guests in love with the table setting and furniture in our elegant dining room as ‘like walking into a jewelry box’ and fans of history love the authenticity of the surroundings. But the best reviews of all are for the food!


From time to time we publish the recipes for our favorite dishes in our Blog and on our Facebook page. Please like us on Facebook or subscribe to our Blog feed to keep up to date with what is happening on the North Fork (we have an events calendar), Special Offers,  Food and Garden news, and of course recipes. If there is one that you particularly would like please post your request on the Shorecrest Bed and Breakfast Face Book and I will do my best to publish it for you.

Shorecrest breakfast table center piece